Kajian Release Time 25 Nautica Miles Runway 34 di Airnav Cabang Palangka Raya


  • Inda Tri Pasa Politeknik Penerbangan Medan
  • Liber Tommy Hutabarat Politeknik Penerbangan Medan
  • Rizny Restiana Politeknik Penerbangan Medan
  • Deby Ramadhini Fadril Politeknik Penerbangan Medan




services; release time; separation, Services, release time, runway occupancy time, separation


Tjilik Riwut Airport provides aviation traffic services, namely Aerodrome Control Tower (ADC) and Approach Control Procedure (APP). This airport is one of the connecting airports for the pioneer airports in the vicinity. In providing services, the primary approach used for Runway 34 is Instrument Landing System (ILS) and straight-in approach. During observations at Airnav Palangka Raya Branch, a problem was found that caused different opinions between ATC, namely that there needs to be a review of the separation standards available in the SOP due to adding a new apron. Based on Palangka Raya's Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), it is stated that the departing aircraft can be allowed to enter the runway when the aircraft to be landed is at least 25 NM away from the RWY Threshold; however, the distance is calculated from the north apron, which is the old apron from Tjilik Riwut Airport to RWY 34, while currently, Tjilik Riwut Airport has added a new apron, namely the south apron, so it is necessary to review whether the distance of 25 NM can be used as a reference also to put the aircraft on the runway if the aircraft line up from the south apron. In carrying out observations, the author collected data on the movement of aircraft that will depart and land using runway 34. From the observations that have been made, a distance of 25 Nm is still feasible to be used as a standard for inserting aircraft into the runway. With the addition of an apron, the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) must be reviewed. This study is expected to help Airnav Palangka Raya Branch determine separation standards to allow aircraft to enter the runway. With these separation standards, ATC can realize safe and effective traffic services.




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Pasa, I. T., Tommy Hutabarat, L., Restiana, R. ., & Ramadhini Fadril, D. (2023). Kajian Release Time 25 Nautica Miles Runway 34 di Airnav Cabang Palangka Raya . Airman: Jurnal Teknik Dan Keselamatan Transportasi, 6(2), 153–164. https://doi.org/10.46509/ajtk.v6i2.363