Development of Textbooks for Aeronautical Telecommunication Courses at Makassar Aviation Polytechnic


  • Julfansyah Margolang Politeknik Penerbangan Makassar
  • Ahmad Sulaiman Politeknik Penerbangan Makassar
  • Ida Umboro Wahyu Nur Wening Politeknik Penerbangan Makassar



Harmonisasi, Aeronautical, Telecommunication, Bahan Ajar


Quality education is an essential requirement for a country to produce adaptable human resources in the face of changing times. Changes in the concept of education affect teaching methods in higher education institutions, including the Makassar Flight Polytechnic, which operates under the Air Transportation Human Resources Development Center (PPSDMPU). Although the PPSDMPU oversees various educational units such as the Flight Polytechnics in Surabaya, Medan, Jayapura, Palembang, Curug, and others, differences in curriculum implementation occur within the PPSDMPU framework. This study employs the Research and Development (RnD) approach with the ADDIE model to develop teaching materials for the Aeronautical Telecommunication course. Data analysis from instructors and students at the Makassar and Curug Flight Polytechnics indicates differences in Semester Learning Plans (RPS) and teaching methods. Questionnaire results reveal that instructors employ diverse teaching methods, but not all provide materials through textbooks. Instructors generally rely on practical experience and relevant literature. These findings underscore the need for harmonizing teaching materials among Flight Polytechnics, as well as the importance of more structured and tailored teaching material guidelines. Therefore, the author develops a guidebook for the Aeronautical Telecommunication course, with the aim of enhancing consistency in learning and achieving desired educational objectives.



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Margolang, J., Sulaiman, A., & Umboro Wahyu Nur Wening, I. (2023). Development of Textbooks for Aeronautical Telecommunication Courses at Makassar Aviation Polytechnic. Airman: Jurnal Teknik Dan Keselamatan Transportasi, 6(2), 143–152.