Operation of Dynamic Positioning System on PSV Ships. WM Sulawesi while Snatching on the Drillship GSF Explorer


  • Muhammad Sapril Siregar Politeknik Pelayaran Malahayati
  • Diah Vitaloka Hartati Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Makassar




Platform Support Vessel, Drillship, Dynamic Positioning System, Snatching, Maneuver


In supporting the operation of a ship, several navigation equipments are needed for ships to support sailing or navigating. As time goes by, a navigation tool was created; it is called the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS). The DP System is a navigation tool that is very helpful for sailors at this time, especially on supply ships which are very dangerous due to the limited ability of sailors to maintain the ship's position for quite a long time snatching activity. This research aims to find out how to operate the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), overcome when these tool experiences errors in position indication and the advantages in processing the motion of ships equipped with this tool. This research uses a qualitative approach where the data will be presented using descriptive analysis. The results of this research include: 1) Operation of the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) can be divided into several stages, they are before turning on the DP System, turning on the DP System, and turning off the DP System; 2) The way to deal with this if the tool experiences an error in indicating the position can be divided into several conditions, it is yellow light alarm (alert status) and red light alarm (emergency status); and 3) The advantages of processing the movement of a ship equipped with this tool include maintaining position and course automatically, excellent maneuverability to easily change position and course, and operating without depending on the depth of the water and the condition of the seabed.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Sapril Siregar, Politeknik Pelayaran Malahayati

Lecturer, Nautical Department

Diah Vitaloka Hartati, Politeknik Ilmu Pelayaran Makassar

Lecturer, Nautical Department



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Siregar, M. S., & Hartati, D. V. (2023). Operation of Dynamic Positioning System on PSV Ships. WM Sulawesi while Snatching on the Drillship GSF Explorer. Airman: Jurnal Teknik Dan Keselamatan Transportasi, 6(2), 189–198. https://doi.org/10.46509/ajtk.v6i2.413